InformationSecure provides the following information security services:

GDPR Services:

  • GDPR awareness training. What does GDPR mean for your organization, for employees and management, what should I consider, what should be done to comply with the GDPR?
  • GDPR compliancy readiness check. Scan your organization to what extent it meets the GDPR.
  • GDPR risk assessment. An extensive GDPR risk analysis of your organization with recommendations what control measures need to be taken.
  • GDPR risk treatment implementation. Design and implementation of risk management measures.
  • GDPR Audit. Independent audit of the GDPR control measures introduced by others in your organization.
  • GDPR Review Assessment. Regular annual checks whether the organization still complies with the GDPR.

ISO27001 Services:

  • ISO27001 awareness training. What is ISO27001, what does ISO27001 mean for your organization, for employees and management, what should you take into account, what should I do to be ISO27001 certified?
  • ISO27001 compliancy assessment. A scan of your organization to gain insight into compliance with ISO27001.
  • ISO27001 Risk Assessment. Extensive risk analysis of information security in your organization with recommendations.
  • ISO27001 Risk Treatment Plan Implementation. Based on the identified risks, risk management control measures are designed and implemented.
  • ISO27001 monitoring & review. After implementation of the risk management control measures, reports in tooling will ensure that you keep insight and overview of the measures introduced.
  • ISO27001 Self Assessments.
  • ISO27001 Pre-Certification Audit.
  • ISO27001 Certification Audit
  • ISO27001 Internal Audit.

This portfolio is offered by InformationSecure together with partners. Please contact us for more information.