In yesterdays article I wrote on the Privacy Data & Information Security Model. As a follow up on that I want to outline in this article the Privacy & Secuity Service Layer.

Many companies struggle with the complexity of their legacy and existing applications landscape and the marketdriven must to digitize their business thru IT tranformation towards a more cloud oriented architecture in order to survive.

The Privacy and Information Security Service Layer Architecture above gives an answer to those companies with a multi tenant, multi geographical and lifecycle diversity of their applications landscape. The so called Service Layer Architecture or Service Oriented Architecture will enable companies to gradually transform towards a digital company where most essential core applications will be cloud based.

With the Service Layer Architecture there is no need to monolithically develop for each applications tenant privacy and infosec controls which is way out of budget for most companies. With a smart Service Layer Architecture Privacy and InfoSec controls can be implemented thru the use of API’s or other Interfacing Protocols facilitating the smooth transition towards a more cloud oriented landscape while in the mean time comply to privacy and security regulations and policies.

InformationSecure has the experience in management advisory trajectories and implementation guidance of Privacy and Security controls thru the Privacy & Security Service Layer Architecture.

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