People are outrageous. Governments are outrageous. I am outrageous. Everyone is outrageous. Yet we all trusted Mr. Zuckerbergs Facebook. Until now. We are on a turning point in the history of social media it seems. The Cambridge-Analytica scandal has revealed a lot of issues regarding the safety of privacy information of natural persons.

Mr. Zukcerbergs interview on this case didn’t give many analists trust that Facebook will tackle the issue swiftly and is fully aware of the trust they have broken. In fact mr. Zuckerberg never apologized or took the word trust in his mouth during this interview. (just google it) And trust is the one and only pilar a company is built upon. Every company for that matter.

At the moment of writing the UK’s Data Protection Authority ICO has gone to the premises of Cambridge Analytica in order to gather evidence for any wrong doing related to this Data Breach with 50 million users involved. This is the first big test of the new #GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation. Although the enforcement will be effective from the 25th of may onwards in the EU it will be sure a major case in the history of its existence.

Apart from the necessarry actions from the Information Commissioners Office in the UK, you see also the reaction on twitter. In particular tech giant Elon Musk made a strong statement to detele his SpaceX facebook account with millions of followers.   Hashtags like #ideleteFB, #ideletedfb, #deleteFBnow, #deletefacbooknow and many mroe appeared.

I hope this whole issue will have a winner: the rights and freedoms of natural persons. Because that is what is at stake here.

And to be honest deleting an account on Facebook will not be enough. Everyone should file a SAR(Subject Access Request) in demanding facebook for full erasure of all the data in which I appear as identifyable.

The rights and freedoms must under all circumstances be respected.


Facebook-Cambridge-Analytica-Data-Breach leads to #DeletefacebookNow on twitter
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