Paparazzi photography intruding privacy: will GDPR limit this ?

The actual case of the 100K Euro fine to the French tabloid Closer on the topless photo of the Duchess of Kent raises questions to me on how this would be enforced under GDPR from may 2018.

GDPR and Public Interest: Is there a choice in this case?

From a privacy point of view a paparazzi photo is never based on consent, since that is never given. That’s why it is called paparazzi… The lawyers of Closer argue that a topless photo of the Duchess of Kent is in the public interest since they are public figures. Although I agree with that they are public figures I still don’t see any public interest in topless photo’s taken by paparazzi’s. Can anyone elaborate on the public interest part of the GDPR? According to my knowledge of the GDPR the tabloid Closer will have to pay at least 2% of their annual revenue by publishing privacy data (topless photo’s). A lot more then the 100K Euro’s now. The Tabloid was acquired in 2006 by Mondadori (source wikipedia) which paid 565 million euro’s… so this 100K is nothing for them. But gossip tabloids and paparazzi you have been warned. The GDPR is coming.

GDPR: End Of Paparazzi’s ?
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