Wgenealogy-gdpr-data-privacy-securitye all know that the GDPR is only applicable on living natural persons or subjects. When surfing over the internet trying to find some family members in other countries I realized I was looking to find living people through genealogy websites. Looking at the mostly free accessible and no registration required websites I wondered what GDPR would mean to the existence of these websites. Some of them require a registration to login. Most of them not. And when I saw the family trees of the many other families I realized that there were also living natural persons in these genealogy databases on the internet. You might think , so what, these people gave their consent to be presented in these family trees. Are you really sure of this? I am not. Imagine millions and millions of peoples names and family trees easy to be accessed by total strangers for what purpose? This is a GDPR disaster especially when it considers EU citizens. Those genealogy websites, which were born out of genuine and legitimate family history interest, now all have to comply to GDPR if any of these contain family member identifyable information on EU citizens. This will shake up the world of Genealogy online. And remember the deadline of 25th of May 2018 is getting closer each day.

GDPR & GENEALOGY: No Worries Or ?
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